Bring Dynamics 365 into the flow of work with Teams—at no additional cost

Today at Microsoft Inspire, partners and customers will learn how the Microsoft cloud can help them navigate their transformation journey, make the shift to hybrid work, innovate everywhere across their organization, and build it all on a foundation of trust and security.

We’ll also share how partners can capitalize on the opportunities ahead of us in the upcoming year.

One of the announcements I’m most excited about is how we’re activating the flow of work in Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365. With the world changing faster than ever before, none of us have time to waste when we’re trying to get work done. Searching for information, finding an expert to help your customer, or switching between apps all day long—all of these things slow down the flow of work and keep us from delivering customer experiences that matter.

With Dynamics 365 and Teams, we’re speeding up the flow of work, enabling anyone in an organization to view and collaborate on Dynamics 365 records, from within the flow of work with Teams—at no additional cost. No other technology vendor enables organizations to activate this capability without the need to pay for multiple underlying software licenses.

Think about the incredible potential when you activate the flow of work with Dynamics 365 in Teams:

  • A service engineer can enable an agent to fix a customer’s issue by adding notes with troubleshooting steps to the customer service case record.
  • Finance teams can streamline order fulfillment, sharing purchase orders and payment details with their counterparts in sales.
  • A field technician can notify sales teams about products nearing end-of-life, so the sales team can proactively reach out with replacement options.
  • And a sales team can close deals faster, by understanding signals from the marketing department around demand generation.

Only Microsoft is enabling this kind of innovation and accessibility without adding new costs for an organization. We’re so excited to see how our customers and partners build on this innovation and unlock new capabilities for their organizations.

Make sure to read my blog post with Jared Spataro to learn more about this announcement, and how we’re building the Microsoft cloud for a new world of work.