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Dynamics Online Payment Services – CyberSource sign up

This article assumes that you have already configured a Microsoft Dynamics Online Payment Service and are ready to choose CyberSource as your payment provider.  If you need additional details on the pre-requisite, download the following document that will walk you through the setup process.
     Payment Services – How to set up Credit Card Processing in Microsoft Dynamics Online 

When selecting to sign up for CyberSource as your payment provider, you are selecting CyberSource to be used as a payment provider gateway to another processor.  The information that was originally provided when the merchant account was configured in Dynamics Online (found in the Organization Defaults) is automatically sent to CyberSource to create a new CyberSource account.  Using the contact information that is sent, CyberSource will then contact the merchant to finalize the setup process of their merchant account.  This will include providing the merchant with their CP (Card Present) and CNP (Card Not Present) ID’s that the merchant will need to take live with CyberSource.

Sign up process:

1. Click “Sign up now” for CyberSource

2. You will notice that after clicking Sign up now button, Microsoft Dynamics Online redirects you to the Payment methods screen where CyberSource will be displayed as “In Progress”.  The information from the Organization defaults has been used to create a new CyberSource account and you will receive a communication from CyberSource to finalize the merchant account setup with new CP and CNP ID’s. 


3. When you are ready to take your accounts live, you will need to log into the CyberSource Test Business Center at: for each of the CP and CNP logins and submit a Go Live request.  If you have any questions or issues with the new ID’s or taking the accounts live, please call CyberSource at 800-709-7779

4. Once those accounts are live with CyberSource use the Payment Services document linked at the beginning of this blog to log in as the Partner and activate the payment method through the Dynamics Online Partner portal.  This is done by entering in the Merchant’s merchant ID, CP login, and CNP login information received from CyberSource as seen in the screenshot below.

Common sign-up issues:

  1. Issue: When selecting the button to Sign up now for CyberSource, the screen refreshes to the Payment Provider window but CyberSource does not show up.
    Resolution 1: This is normally due to incomplete information in the Organization Defaults.  Ensure there are no special characters such as periods, commas, and dashes in the address or company name.
    Resolution 2: The organization name is greater than 25 characters.  Shorten the organization name to less than 25 characters.  The Organization Name is used to create a CyberSource ID and is limited to 25 characters. 
  2. Issue: Test payments fail when processed directly through Microsoft Dynamics Online.
    Resolution 1: Accounts were not taken live with CyberSource.  Call CyberSource at 800-709-7779 to ensure the account setup is complete and the accounts are Live.
    Resolution 2: Create a support ticket with the Dynamics AX team to assist with the setup and determine what the transactions failure code is.
  3. Issue:  The wrong CyberSource ID’s were entered during activation.
    Resolution:  Deactivate the payment method through the Dynamics Online Customer portal.  Log back into the Dynamics Online Partner portal and activate the payment method again.