Performances hotfixes for the new Warehouse Management module

Several partners and customers have raised support requests related to performances of the new WMS module. In addition to this, some code defects have been logged and addressed by Development.

In the past months, several fixes and enhancements related to WHS performances were developed and released; these hotfixes were included in latest cumulative updates (CU9, CU10).

A list of some of the available hotfixes is provided below, with KB number and link to download them from Lifecycle Services.

Table 1 – Sample list of WHS performances fixes

TitleKB numberLink to download the hotfix from LCS
Performance problem when opening Physical On Hand Inventory form in WMS3034785
WHS Replenishment performance- Address regression from 33932863051622
WHS Replenishment performance3051622
Performance gain in Load Planning Workbench3062188
Improve performance of ship confirm for loads for entire transfer orders3019832
Improve performance of manual work completion for work created by located license plate3019834
Perf: Load planning workbench is unusable on a system with any latency2988304
Improve the performance of the Release to warehouse process for larger order scenarios3020975
Performance: Cannot run with more than 7-8 WMDP sessions – WMDP service client objects require explicit recycling3010993
Performance problem when opening On Hand By Location form in WMS3034786
Performance of the location stocking limit check can be improved by optimizing the stocking limit retreival logic and unit of measure conversion logic3072510
Perf: The pack operation should be improved by avoiding client/server calls and utilizing the Financial Lite update which was done for Work3073529
Intermittent performance issue with Inventory onhand inquiry for AX2012 R3 with queries in sp_WHSOnHand stored procedure3073717
InventSum and WHSInventReserve clean up3063513
Load Planning Workbench has performance problems, takes too long to load3051069
Perf: Containerization process can be improved 50%3073177
perf: WHSWorkCreateHistory table has incorrect setting of clustered index which leads to very expensive queries during processing of larger waves with many allocation errors3071893
Perf: We should not track WMSLocationLoad records on WHS location since they cannot be used and the maximums cannot be configured.3074073
perf: The number of full locations that fit the location directive query should not affect the time it takes to find a putaway location when using Volumetrics3073602
Perf – Work creation (after the allocation step) Optimization – avoid re-evaluation of empty locations3104480
Perf – Work creation (after the allocation step) Optimization3099718
perf: Min/Max replenishment can be optimized with +20 % by avoiding to do laborstandards calculations for each work one by one but for all the works created as part of the replenishment3073600
Performance improvement for KB30737173112873

Comments and tips

Depending on the situation, you may choose one of the following options:

  • Download a specific hotfix individually if an issue has been reported in the environment
  • Upgrade to the latest CU
  • Create a package of hotfixes via the Update Installer in LCS.