Dyn365fO – Update GER functionalities with 2 options

This blog describes 2 options ‘How to update Electronic reporting configurations (GER) in Dynamics 365 for Operations’

OPTION 1: Installing latest KBs for Electronic reporting (GER)

  • Open the environment in ‘Full details’


  • In the lower grid in Monitoring click on X++ updates


  • Click ‘Show filters’


  • Open Module and unmark all, then mark Organization Administration and search

  • 30 results are returned. Click ‘Select all’ and click +Add

  • The KBs are collected in ‘Download package (30)’ and for each KB you can find some more details

Installing KB 4022704 resolves multiple error messages when importing configurations from LCS repository https://fix.lcs.dynamics.com/Issue/Resolved?kb=4022704&bugId=3830731. If this KB is not already included to the package downloaded in option 1, please add it to the package.


OPTION 2: Updating reporting configurations using ‘Import from XML’

Update GER once LCS is not available:


  • Select GER Configuration


  • Click on the required GER Configuration file


  • Save to the desired destination
  • Now navigate to Dynamics 365>>Workspace>>Electronic reporting


  • Click Reporting configurations>>Select payment model (for example as importing DTAZV) in the left grid
  • In Configurations section click ‘Exchange’>>Load from XML file


  • Browse for the file saved previously and click OK


The configuration has been imported and can be used for further steps