NAV Development Preview – July Update

The July update for Developer Preview is now live! With this update we can announce the following changes:

  • We’re addressing the most highly requested .NET replacement, namely XML handling. This update brings a set of new native AL types that let you create, read, update, and output XML documents using the XML DOM model. The most important new types include:
    • XmlDocument
    • XmlElement
    • XmlAttribute

Read more about the new types in our documentation library at

  • We announced the availability of tenant-specific profiles with our June update. We now offer new AL object types; Profile and Page Customization. These new objects let you define a set of pre-defined profiles and include them in your extension. The Page Customization object is very similar to a Page Extension object, but more restricted. As of now Page Customization can only include moving of controls and actions as well as setting Visiblity to true/false. It cannot contain variables, functions, or triggers.

  • Our VS Code extension now offers signature help for all syntax elements that have structured parameters, for example:

key(Name;Field1, Field2, Field3)

  • The RecordRef type has been reworked and made available for extension development. When used from extensions RecordRef.Open will only let you open records with ID less than 2 billion.
  • The Permission property has been reworked and made available for extension development. In the first iteration the property lets you only reference objects added within your own extension. However, this will be expanded in the future releases.
  • We’ve refreshed our documentation on MSDN. Get the latest docs for the preview at: – or simply just type We’re continuously working on updating and improving the library.

Let us know how you like working with these additions and keep submitting suggestions and bugs. You can see all the filed bugs on our GitHub issues list ( To get an updated image you can see the steps for getting it in the original blog post or jump directly to the Azure Gallery signup at

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