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Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 – Portals  Source Code Release 

We are excited to announce that we have released the source code for Dynamics 365 – Portals.    The source code is released under an MIT license which is a very permissive popular open source license.  The source code is consistent with the same code that is used to host our July 2017 portal release (version 8.3).  

This source code distribution will enable customers to customize the code that is used to run their portal and will support both Dynamics 365 online and on-premise deployments.  The source code is released as a one-time distribution with no plans on updating it, and it is offered as an as-is sample with no support. 

We recommend customers to  continue using our portal service that is bundled with Dynamics 365 solutions of more than 5 users, as this provides the most benefits for customers.  Customers using our online service will have the benefit of regular updates, a monitored service, automated deployment. and full support through standard channels, inclusive of the benefits of our service offering SLAs.   

Customers that choose this source code distribution are fully responsible for fixing any bugs they encounter, performing their own deployments, including hosting costs and other infrastructure licenses necessary to run the product.  They are also responsible for monitoring, securing, and operating the portal.  These are all significant responsibilities that customers should consider carefully before selecting this distribution. 

The source code and installation documentation can be downloaded from here 



Shan McArthur
Principal Program Manager – Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Portals