Dynamics Online Payment Services – important notes on the discontinuation

As another reminder, here is the link to the latest blog notice on the discontinuation:
Reminder: Microsoft Dynamics Online Payment Services will be discontinued on Dec 31, 2017

If you are still utilizing Dynamics Online for your payment solution, I would like to provide you with some helpful information to prepare for the discontinuation of the service that is fast approaching.

Payment provider merchant account
As noted in the reminder blog above, while DOPS is being discontinued, this does NOT cancel your payment provider merchant account.  This will only remove the ability to process payments using the DOPS gateway, Microsoft does not own or have access to the payment provider merchant accounts. 

To avoid future billing, if you have a merchant account with First Data, Bank of America, CyberSource, or PayPal and will not be using that account with your new solution, please contact your payment provider to ensure that your merchant account is closed.

Access to the Dynamics Online portal
After December 31, 2017, you will no longer be able to log into the Dynamics Online portal.

Transactional reports (last 90 days only)
The Dynamics Online portal does have the option to Export to Excel.  If you believe you will need a list of transactions for reconciliation, please ensure you export the data prior to the end of the day on December 31.  As of January 1, 2018, you will have 2 options to obtain this information:

  1. Contact your payment provider for transaction details and reports
  2. Open a support ticket with Microsoft to have an engineer assist you in obtaining transactional data.

DOPS transactions that are currently processing
If you have yet to migrate to another solution and will still be using Dynamics Online as of December 31, this presents the question as to how these transactions will be processed.  Keep in mind that you cannot process (authorize, capture, void, refund) any transaction through DOPS after Dec 31, even if that transaction occurred prior to Dec 31.  You will need to contact your payment provider for assistance.

DOPS transaction types

  • Credit cards linked in AX – All credit cards linked to customer accounts created with DOPS service will need to be recreated in AX using the new payment provider solution. 
  • Authorized – This will stay authorized in our system but the bank will remove the auth hold on the funds for 3-5 days.
  • Captured – Funds transferred (Most transactions are captured real time.  For the First Data nightly batch settlement, this will be executed the next day, Jan 1).
  • Void – Funds have been rolled back.
  • Refund – Funds have been refunded.

 After the 12/31

  • Credit cards linked in AX – Will no longer work for any connector, need to be deleted and re-entered.
  • Authorization – Will be lost.  Either process this through your new solution or work with the payment provider to capture an existing authorization if possible.
  • Capture – Will not be able to process linked refunds.
  • Void – Will not be able to void a payment.
  • Refund – Will not be able to refund a payment.

Existing credit cards on customer accounts
To reiterate the above note.  Credit cards linked to customer accounts in AX that process through Dynamics Online will no longer be valid.  When adding a new credit card, it is linked to the default credit card processor at the time the card was added.  This cannot be updated, the card needs to be removed from the system.  Also, there is and will not be an option to Export any credit card data due to security and privacy reasons.  You will need to notify your customer that you have changed the way you process credit cards and for security reasons need to obtain their credit card again.