Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement API limits

Beginning March 19, 2018, we will limit the number of API requests made by each user, within an organization. Each user will be allowed up to 60,000 API requests within five minutes.

This limit will help ensure that users running applications that make extraordinarily large demands on servers will not affect other users. The limit will not affect normal users of the platform. Only applications that generate a very large number of API requests will be affected. Some of the typical scenarios where this would happen are:

  • A plug-in that is written to pump data in a loop, without a well-defined max termination limit.
  • An inefficient client application that queries for status on thousands of records, without any caching or without any interval between successive requests.

The limit will help provide a level of protection from random and unexpected surges in request volumes that threaten the availability and performance characteristics of the Dynamics 365 platform. This limit applies to all versions of Dynamics 365 platform.

Based telemetry analysis, most customers in our multi-tenant architecture won’t hit this limit (60K requests over a duration of 300 seconds). However, we will be continuously reviewing the feedback and listening to all our channels, over next few weeks and review the impact, if any.

For more information about this limit and guidance, please see API Limits.



Srikumar Nair