LCS (April 2018 – release 1) release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the release notes for LCS (April 2018, release 1).


Download critical X++ updates

From our earlier release (February 2018, release 2), critical X++ updates can only be downloaded from online production environments, and we were going to remove the Critical X++ updates tile from pre-production and on-premises environments because the Critical X++ updates tile shows zero (0) in the pre-production or on-premises environments.

However, we’ve decided to keep the Critical X++ updates tile for online pre-production environments, and only remove it from on-premises environments.

Therefore, for all online environments of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, the critical X++ updates will be available in production environments, as well as pre-production environments.

The critical X++ updates are based on the telemetry data in your production environment. The count of the critical X++ updates in each of your environments is based on whether that environment has deployed the recommended critical X++ updates.

For example, if your production environments indicates 5 critical X++ updates, the Critical X++ updates tile in your production environment will show 5. In your pre-production environment, for example in the sandbox environment, will also show 5 if none of the critical X++ updates has been deployed in your sandbox environment. If your sandbox environment had deployed 1 of the critical X++ updates, it will show 4 on the Critical X++ updates tile.


Updates to project creation flows in LCS

Starting with this release, any new customer who has purchased licenses for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations will not be get an implementation project if they have not purchased the minimum licenses needed to use Finance and Operations. As per the licensing guide, a customer needs a minimum of 20 licenses (Enterprise or equivalent) to use Finance and Operations. Going forward, LCS will enforce this restriction during project creation. Only customers who have purchased 20 licenses (Enterprise or equivalent) are allowed to get an implementation project in LCS and deploy environments.


Updates to Environment monitoring view in LCS

In this release of LCS, we have updated the User activity section on the Environment monitoring page to improve the user experience as well as the performance of loading this page. The user will now need to select a user session in the User sessions grid to see a detailed list of interactions on the grid on the left. The following screenshot shows the new user interface.