Upcoming change to platform update packages stored in the Shared asset library

Currently, under Software deployable packages in the Shared asset library in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS), multiple platform update packages (Platform Update 2 through Platform Update 12) are available in the global scope for customers to download and apply. The platform update packages were uploaded to the Shared asset library so that customers and partners can update only the platform for their environment, without taking any of the application updates.  

About six months ago, we added the Platform update tile to the Environment details page. This tile shows the applicable platform update for your environment, based on the deployed version. For example, if a new version of the platform is released, and then a hotfix for an issue in the platform is released, the Platform update tile will provide the latest version that includes the platform update that has the hotfix. However, the package in the Shared asset library might not get the update when the hotfix is released.

Customers and partners should always use the Platform update tile to get the latest version of the platform when you want to update an environment that is deployed through LCS. This approach will help guarantee that you get the latest set of performance and critical updates that we have made in the platform to improve the overall quality of your service. This approach also aligns with our recent changes to push the platform updates so that customers are always running on the latest platform. If you want to update just a local virtual hard disk (VHD) deployment, you can still use the package that is available in the Shared asset library.  

Going forward, for local VHD deployment, we will keep only the latest platform update packages in the Shared asset library and will remove all other platform update packages. This does not impact packages imported into the Project Asset Library. Therefore, only the Platform Update 12 packages will be available in the Shared asset library. When Platform Update 15 becomes generally available, the package for it will replace the Platform Update 12 package in the Shared asset library. For details about how to use the Platform update tile to update the platform for your environment, see Apply the latest platform to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations environment.