Important update on editable grids in Dynamics 365 for phones mobile app

Currently, users of the Dynamics 365 mobile app can view and quickly edit entity data in views and sub-grids using editable grids. This capability has existed since the introduction of the editable grids feature in Dynamics 365. Although, this is a fantastic productivity tool for mobile users who need to update data on the go, the experience can be limited depending on the mobile device.

Based on the feedback we received; tablet and iPad users of the Dynamics 365 app consistently appreciate editable grid capability. Mobile phone users, however, shared critical feedback on their experience and the limitations of using editable grids. This is because the editable grid control was optimized for tablets and, subsequently, does an automatic rendering of the editable grid control on phones.

This approach of building a common control for multiple form factors is logical for simpler and purpose-built controls. We learned that a complex control, such as editable grid, can provide a less than optimal experience for phone users.

After reviewing the current experience of the editable grid control on phones, we are making the decision to restrict the use of editable grids on phones in near future. Users that are using editable grids on phones will see that the grid will not be editable anymore. This change will be implicit, and no action is required from you.

System administrators and customizers will no longer be able to configure editable grids for phones. Any existing configurations will automatically default to the read-only grid.


Grid defaulted to Read only grid on phones


We acknowledge the impact this may cause to some of our users. We are looking at reimagining this experience and until we do that, phone users should use the entity forms to make any changes to the entity data instead of doing inline edits.

If you are currently using editable grids with phones and this change impacts your business, you may reach out to the Dynamics 365 support team, who can help enable this feature back in your specific organization. Please note that in the near term, we may not be able to address any issues on this experience.

Plan to re-enable editable grids in Dynamics 365 mobile app

Our experience team is exploring possibilities and will be conducting user research to come up with the ideal design and experience that will suit most mobile device scenarios.

If you are passionate about this feature and would like to help us reimagine the best experience, please let us know. We’d really appreciate any feedback that you may have for us.

After the user research is complete, we will communicate more a concrete plan to re-enable editable grids on phones.

Thank you.