Release Notes for Field Service Version

Applies to: Field Service version on Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement version 9.x

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Field Service enhancements (v8.6.0.274)


  • Field Service is moving to the platform’s auto numbering.
    • For now, the new auto-numbering is optional and can be enabled in each instance to through Field Service Settings.
    • This new auto-numbering approach ensures that the numbers applied to each record are unique.
    • The number format will match the auto-number format currently configured in the instance.
    • This replaces all existing auto-number generation in Field Service including:
      • Work order
      • Agreement
      • Purchase Order
      • Inventory Transfer
      • Inventory Adjustment
      • RMA
      • RTV
    • For now, until an instance opts-in, it will continue to see the record numbers generating as it has, through the legacy Field Service logic.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Duplicate work order numbers are generated when multiple WOs are created simultaneously (see above enhancement).
  • Fixed: Work location not set on drag/drop of WO requirement.
  • Fixed: Not able to create WO due to real time workflow conflicts with post create operations.
  • Fixed: WorkOrder form: add missing js dependency.
  • Fixed: When Invoice is created from Agreement Invoice Setup, all fields should be populated.
  • Fixed: Saving in Progress error when only saving Contact/Account/SystemUser form.
  • Fixed: Daylight Savings Time issue: Work Order’s End Time changes when it is set to the last Sunday of March and user is in GMT +1:00, +0:00 time zone.
  • Fixed: Work Order duration miscalculation.

Connected Field Service enhancements


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Register Device does not work for Azure IoT Hub with invalid endpoint error.
  • Fixed: Unable to associate an IoTDevice with Customer Asset in ‘Field Service’ appmodule
  • Fixed: When converting an IoTAlert to a case, the title doesn’t get mapped automatically.
  • Fixed: Remove Send Command Button from WO and Asset and Case if CFS not in use and no alert attached
  • Fixed: Link “Learn more” from welcome dashboard popup has invalid redirect


Jason Cohen & Girish Raja

Program Managers

Dynamics 365 Engineering