Release Notes for Universal Resource Scheduling Version

Applies to Universal Resource Scheduling solution (version 3.6.0.xx), Field Service application (version 8.6.x.xx), Project Service Automation application (version 3.6.0.xx) On Dynamics 365 version 9.0.x)


We’re pleased to announce the latest update to Universal Resource Scheduling, powering the Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation applications for Dynamics 365. This release includesimprovements to quality, performance,and usability, and is based onyourfeedback and requests.

This release is compatible with Dynamics 3659.0.x. To update to this release,visit theAdmin Center forDynamics365online solutions page to install the update. For details, referto our topic on how to update a preferred solution.




  • When inserting a booking between two bookings or reassigning a booking to another resource, the travel time of all associated bookings will be recalculated and updated on hourly schedule board and schedule assistant. This feature can be enabled by Auto Update Booking Travel field under Resource Scheduling > Settings > Administration > Scheduling Parameters. 
  • When the “Book” button is used on the resource requirement and the timezone on the pop-out schedule board is updated, the date time fields on the bottom requirement info panel will reflect the changed timezone. 
  • All the date and times in the filter panel and requirements panel on the schedule board are updated when the time zone is changed in the scheduler settings on the schedule board. 
  • Performance: Various performance improvements when searching for resource availability. 


Bug fixes 


  • Fixed: On the schedule assistant, the radius unit behavior reflects kilometers or miles as per the preferred unit of distance when Search for field is changed.  
  • Fixed: The zoom level on the Map View on the Filter Panel will be preserved after entering or exiting the Schedule assistant search. 
  • Fixed: Only activated members of a crew get booked when a crew is booked. 
  • Fixed: On the schedule board setting for schedule assistant, the unavailable resources field can be changed from “Unavailable resources do not appear” to “Unavailable resources appear dimmed to show the unavailable resources on the schedule assistant. 
  • Fixed: Alignment of scheduler settings controls 
  • Fixed: On a schedule assistant search for available resources on a location agnostic resource requirement, the Time From Promised and Time to Promised time window precedes over the Search Start and Search End time window, and the recommendations will be presented to make sure the technician can start work in the Time From Promised and Time To Promised window. 
  • Fixed: Onsite multi-resource requirements will be presented with travel time in the schedule assistant recommendations. 
  • Fixed: The filter panel’s characteristic field on the schedule assistant is populated with the characteristic from the resource requirement or work order. 
  • Fixed: Multiple issues preventing upgrade. 
  • Fixed: Resource utilization of a resource on non-working day, along with the color code of the non-working day. 
  • Fixed: Dragging the technician travel route to a requirement pin to schedule the booking in the maps view on the filter panel of schedule board. 
  • Fixed: The schedule board settingOrder Number default maximum value is increased to 1000 from 100. 
  • Fixed: Duration field value text in Hebrew on schedule assistant. 


Vinay Nalam 

Program Manager, Dynamics 365 Engineering