Lifecycle Services – May 2019 (Release 2) Release Notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the release notes for LCS May 2019 (Release 2) release.

Update tiles improvement

The LCS update tile now enables environments that are one version behind the current service update to be able to take hotfixes without having to update to the newer version.

For example, if you’re on Application 10.0.0 while Microsoft is applying service update of Application 10.0.1, you can still take the hotfixes for Application 10.0.0 from the LCS update tile without being updated to version 10.0.1.  If you want to take the new version, you can get it from the LCS project Action center or the Shared Asset Library.

This change does not impact existing update tile behavior or One Version service update policy, and the LCS update tile continues to provide the cumulative updates.

If you are on the same version as current service updates or if you are a First release customer, you can continue taking cumulative hotfixes from the LCS update tile for your version.

If your environment is older than 3 months or 2 service updates, taking updates from the LCS update tile will bring you to the latest version.

If your environment is on an earlier version such as 8.0, or 7.x, there is no change with your LCS update tile experience.