Enhancements and bug fixes in Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) version

Applies to Universal Resource Scheduling solution (version 3.8.0.xx), Field Service application (version 8.8.0.xx), and Project Service Automation application (version 3.8.0.xx) on Dynamics 365 version 9.1.x)

We’re pleased to announce the latest update to Universal Resource Scheduling (URS), powering the Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This update includes improvements to quality, performance, and usability and is based on your feedback and requests. This update is compatible with Dynamics 365 version 9.1.x. To update, visit the Dynamics 365 admin center online solutions page. See how to update a preferred solution.


  • Performance improvements to schedule board refresh times when multiple Crew type resources are present on the schedule board.
  • Performance improvements to searching for resource availability for Requirement Groups.
  • Reduced unnecessary calls to retrieve the Resource Requirements name and booking setup metadata. Other duplicated calls are also reduced when searching for availability.
  • Self-service scheduling API is now available to schedule the single resource requirement, with a corrected process name
    Resource Scheduling – Search Resource Availability and unique name msdyn_searchresourceavailability.
  • From and To date fields on the Resource Requirement entity are restricted to have only the User Local behavior to avoid Time Zone functionality loss on the schedule assistant and loss of the Time Zone data on resource requirements.
  • Added a suggestion to Service Health Diagnostics to show the suggestion/fix with manual steps when Resource Booking Sync job is disabled but the feature Synchronize resource bookings with Outlook is enabled.
  • When using URS on Unified Service Desk, the schedule board can be loaded without having to pass the full UCI context.
  • Quick Scheduling now supports scheduling of onsite requirements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: The date selector on the schedule assistant list view is dimmed because it has no effect on the resources displayed when searching for availability of a requirement or a work order.
  • Fixed: When booking a schedulable entity record, only the Booking Status that is mapped to the Booking Status Field Logical Name of the Booking Setup Metadata record of the schedulable entity will be on the schedule assistant. For example, when scheduling a work order, only the optionset values of the field msdyn_fieldservicestatus will be displayed in the Booking Status drop-down on the schedule assistant,
  • Fixed: When searching for availability of resources on a requirement, the number of matching Resources returned in the search on the schedule assistant is limited to the value set on the field Resource Availability Retrieval Limit on the Default Metadata Settings of the Booking Setup Metadata record. The default value of Resource Availability Retrieval Limit is 100.
  • Fixed: Only one Booking Setup Metadata for an Entity can be created.
  • Fixed: For German locale, on the schedule assistant, Remaining Duration does not overlap with the pie chart visual next to it.
  • Fixed: Only Active Resources can be added to a Resource Pool or Resource Crew’s children.
  • Fixed: A few accessibility issues on the schedule board are fixed.
  • Fixed: The Resource Requirement form can be customized to remove optional fields like Resource Type from the form.
  • Fixed: Selected Sort on the schedule board is determined by the Sort result by filter on Filters.
  • Fixed: The Booking Alerts Template field on the default Schedule Board Settings shows the default HTML template value.
  • Fixed: Book and Book & Exit buttons on the schedule assistant are enabled only when at least one eligible resource is returned on the schedule assistant.
  • Fixed: Multiple characteristics can be selected on the filters on the schedule board.
  • Fixed: A Booking cannot be deleted when it has an associated Booking Alert.
  • Fixed: When booking a requirement in the weekly view or monthly view of the schedule assistant, if the availability search Start date is today and is not the first day of the week or month, the Start date will correctly default to today, so that the Book button is enabled.
  • Fixed: The Work Location filter on the schedule assistant will show all three possible values: Onsite, Facility, and Location Agnostic.
  • Fixed: The filters on the schedule board will show the right values in the drop-down even when the user manually types in the filter.
  • Fixed: When Auto Update Booking Travel is enabled in the scheduling parameters, Travel Time of the adjacent bookings is updated when a booking is created in the List view of the schedule assistant.
  • Fixed: Correct search results are displayed on the Quick Scheduling panel for all Time Zone values set on the Resource Requirement form.
  • Fixed: A multiresource work order, that is, a work order associated with a Requirement group, can be booked via Quick Scheduling.
  • Fixed: Requirement Group bookings can be viewed in split view.
  • Fixed: The Timeline header on the schedule board will be shown even after exiting the schedule assistant by selecting Exit Search.
  • Fixed: The rating values on the Rating Model form are ordered by rating values, not the names.
  • Fixed: The Resource card can be opened by right-clicking the Resource, even when the Resource has characteristics with no rating values.
  • Fixed: When booking a Requirement Group via the schedule assistant, selecting a timeslot on the list view opens up the Create Resource Booking Panel on all browsers.
  • Fixed: When booking a Requirement Group or the requirements under that Requirement Group, the same results are displayed on the schedule assistant.
  • Fixed: Facility requirements can be booked via Quick Scheduling with the correct duration of the booking.
  • Fixed: You can book work orders on the Days view of the schedule assistant.
  • Fixed: Multiple issues preventing upgrade.


Vinay Nalam
Program Manager, Dynamics 365 Engineering