Lifecycle Services – June 2019 (Release 2) release notes

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the release notes for LCS (June 2019, release 2).


Prevent overlapping service requests against the Production environment

Under certain conditions, allowing overlap of service requests against the Production environment can prevent rollback support. Specifically, any time a deployable package is scheduled for the Production environment, a backup of the environment is taken. This backup would not be consistent if a golden database refresh or a point in time restore of the Production database was performed.

To help ensure that rollback support is always available for the Production environment, overlap of service requests on the Production environment will no longer be supported.

This means that scheduling a deployable package, Sandbox to Production database refresh, or a Production Point-in-time Restore service request cannot be requested while another service request is pending.

Overlap is not a common occurrence but will be important to note for customers planning execution times for a Mock Go Live or a full Go Live. We recommend that you apply the deployable package first, and after this is completed then request a copy of the Sandbox to Production refresh in preparation for the launch.


Self-service upgrade support for 10.0.3 with Platform update 27

The available upgrade versions for customers running application versions 7.0 thru 7.3 has been updated to include application release 10.0.3 with Platform update 27.  For more details about which version to select, see Self-service Upgrade to the latest version


Update to the pause policy for One Version

We recently announced a flexible service updates policy for One Version. A customer will now have the option to pause up to 3 continuous updates if they are unable to take updates due to industry regulations or valid business reasons. With this release of LCS, we have enabled customers to participate in this policy, so they will now be able to pause up to 3 continuous updates via the Update settings page in LCS. To learn more about how to pause updates, see Pause service updates.


Cancel a customer scheduled update on a production environment deployed using self-service deployment

With this release of LCS, customers will now be able to cancel a scheduled deployment of an update of their production environment. This only applies to the updates scheduled by the customer on environments deployed using self-service deployment.