Microsoft Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator adds BIAN API implementation

Following the general availability release of the Microsoft Banking Accelerator in July, today we are releasing additional API sample implementations to provide interoperability with Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) API service domains for consumer loans and collateral. BIAN is a not-for-profit association to establish and promote a common architectural framework to enable banking interoperability. Microsoft and BIAN have been working together to help unlock new open banking opportunities by allowing organizations to more seamlessly and consistently share banking-specific data across disparate systems.

We’re excited to partner with the BIAN community to release the API implementation examples and accelerator enhancements, which are available today here on GitHub with setup documentation located here on GitHub.


The new BIAN API sample implementation includes a Visual Studio solution, guided documentation for creating a hosted API, and a set of API controllers containing the methods associated with the BIAN API endpoints to connect to the Microsoft Common Data Service Web API. With this sample, other apps that conform to BIAN can perform operations with Dynamics 365 with the Banking Accelerator installed.

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For example, using the BIAN API sample implementation, a consumer loan process can be started within Dynamics 365 and send operations back and forth over the course of fulfilling the consumer loan. The sample also includes API controllers for collateral to support consumer loans that may be secured by collateral. We encourage developers to try out the sample on GitHub and we’ll be adding more service domains and working with the BIAN community to publish these definitions on both GitHub and the BIAN API Exchange.

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In addition to the BIAN API samples, we are continually enhancing the Banking Accelerator and today released an update (v1.0.3.1) on AppSource bringing additional use cases for Retail Banking.