Announcing general availability of Dynamics 365 Guides!

We’re thrilled to announce the general availability of Dynamics 365 Guides today!

Dynamics 365 Guides app version 200.1909.24001 and solution version include the following updates:

  • Try the demo. You can now try an out-of-the-box sample guide on the HoloLens app without signing up for a license or authoring a guide yourself.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys. We will occasionally ask you to rate your satisfaction with Dynamics 365 Guides to help us improve the product.
  • Opt out of sending data to Microsoft. On both PC and HoloLens apps, for privacy reasons, you can turn off the ability to send telemetry data to Microsoft.
  • Opt out of sending usage data to your organization. To prevent usage data from appearing in Power BI dashboards, administrators can now turn this off for specific users.

Current customers must update the PC app, HoloLens app, and Common Data Service solution to continue using Dynamics 365 Guides. See update instructions.

Note that this update will continue to work with your preview license until it expires. To check your preview license expiration date, go to, and then select Billing in settings.

For new customers, we recommend acquiring a new GA license and installing the apps by following the instructions at