Build targeted user experiences efficiently by using app profiles in multisession apps

If your service organization needs to create your own targeted combinations of channels and tools for your agents, starting with October 2020 wave 2 release, you’ll be able to take advantage of the app profile manager capability in multisession apps. The capability is included with the Omnichannel for Customer Service preview available for Dynamics 365 Insiders. In addition, the app profile manager capability is available with Dynamics 365 Customer Service workspace (preview) for all organizations that have a Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise license.

With the app profile manager, administrators can create custom profiles with session templates, conversation channels, and productivity tools, and then assign them to agents and supervisors. 


Organizations often want tailored user experiences for their teams that only show the most relevant tools and data those teams need in their roles. Although organizations can customize out-of-the-box apps today, the customizations apply to all users of the app and can’t be applied to individual users.  

Managing many custom experiences comes with unnecessary overhead maintenance and costs. The app profile manager makes creating custom user experiences for different profiles more efficient. 

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Overview of app profile manager 

With app profile manager, organizations create targeted app experiences or “profiles” for agents and supervisors. By using the app profiles, administrators can select channels and tools to be used by the app profiles to meet the organization’s requirements.  

Administrators can create custom user profiles, with specific session templates, conversation channels, and productivity tools, and assign them to users.  

The app profile manager helps organizations: 

  • Enable the creation of custom user experiences for Customer Service workspace and Omnichannel for Customer Service for different profiles with tailored exposure of data and productivity tools, to ensure users see only what they need to use to help customers.  
  • Enable the omnichannel channel conversation experience in the new Customer Service workspace app. 
  • Provide an efficient, single place to edit and manage profiles instead of the costly maintenance and workflow of multiple apps. 
  • Enable new features and enhancements efficiently. 

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To learn more about the app profile and other capabilities that can help your service organization, read the documentation: