Manage time off requests with Human Resources app for Microsoft Teams

With more employees working remote, it is more important than ever to meet workers where they work. This includes making tasks related to human resources easier to track from home. This becomes even more important as more organizations use Microsoft Teams not only for collaboration but also to help improve employee experiences and productivity.

We’re announcing the Dynamics 365 Human Resources app for Microsoft Teams, which is now generally available. The app lets employees view their time-off balance and quickly submit time-off requests. They can also send their coworker’s information about upcoming time off in Microsoft Teams channels and chats outside the Human Resources app. This experience is seamless across devices.

Making a request to take a sick leave or vacation is as simple as chatting with a bot. The bot provides employees with the number of hours that they have available to take off. They can chat with the bot to submit a request or can use the Time off tab to view existing requests, upcoming leave, and more. Employees can also submit partial day leave or submit leave requests that are comprised of different dates and leave types.  

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How it helps managers

The Human Resources app makes it easier for managers, like Jonathan Mayer of Spairliners, to stay in the loop. Spairliners was an early adopter of the Human Resources app Teams app. Jonathan said it has helped his company gain user acceptance while rolling out leave and absences to colleagues.

“The pandemic and generalization of home office had increased our usage of Teams. It is really nice and user friendly to be able to request leaves directly from Teams,†said Jonathan Mayer, who is head of Project Management, Process and IT at Spairliners. “As a manager, the workflow is also faster as you can accept or reject requests without opening another tool.â€

Once requests are submitted, the manager (or the leave request approver depending on how the leave workflow is configured) is sent a Teams notification. The manager can quickly look at the leave details and also see the availability of other team members to ensure that there are no gaps in coverage if someone is away. They can approve or deny the leave request using the interactive bot messages.

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Employees are notified via a Teams notification as soon as their leave requests are approved or denied. To ensure that their team members are aware of the upcoming leave request, employees can easily share the approved leave requests with a Teams channel or with other team members via a Teams message. 

Next steps   

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback and how the app is helping your organization. Enable the Dynamics 365 Human Resources app for Microsoft Teams directly in the Microsoft Teams app store.

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