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Begin your copilot journey with summarization

How often do you find yourself spending too much time reading through long and complex customer cases, trying to figure out the main problem and the best solution? What amount of cases do you handle per day, and how do you ensure quality and consistency in your responses? How do you keep track of the most relevant and updated information from multiple sources and channels?

These are some of the challenges that support agents face every day, and they can affect their productivity, performance, and satisfaction. Customers expect fast and accurate answers to their questions and issues, and they don’t want to repeat themselves or wait for long periods of time. Support agents need to be able to quickly understand the context and history of each case, identify the root cause and the best action, and communicate effectively with customers and colleagues.

This is where summarization comes in. Summarization is an AI-powered feature that provides support agents case summaries to help them quickly understand the context of a case and resolve customer issues more efficiently. It uses large language models and natural language processing to analyze and condense information from various sources and formats, such as emails, chat messages, phone calls, documents, and web pages, into concise and relevant summaries. Summarization can save you time, improve your accuracy, and enhance the customer experience.

This blog post explains how summarization works, what benefits it can bring to your support team and your organization, and how you can turn it on and use it with Dynamic 365 Customer Service Copilot, the leading AI platform for customer service.

Summarization: The gateway to generative AI Innovation

Summarization stands out as an ideal first use case, primarily due to its immediate, measurable impact on efficiency and productivity. It automates the extraction of crucial details such as the case title, customer, subject, product, priority, case type, and description. The AI-generated summaries offer context and communicate the actions already undertaken to address the issue. Summarization delivers tangible benefits, showcasing the power of generative AI in a clear and demonstrable manner.

Compared to other AI use cases, the implementation of summarization is less complex. It is a straightforward starting point for organizations new to generative AI, reducing barriers to entry and integration time. The success of summarization in enhancing productivity and achieving measurable outcomes serves as a confidence-building milestone for organizations. Experiencing the transformative power of generative AI fosters trust in the technology. Additionally, it lays a robust foundation for delving into more advanced use cases.

Starting with summarization brings immediate operational improvements. It also helps organizations to embrace the broader potential of generative AI, setting the stage for future business process innovation.

By selecting the Make case summaries available to agents checkbox, administrators can bring their organization a quick win that adds immediate business value. We have invested in summarization features to allow more customization options. Admins now can customize the format of how agents view conversation summaries. They can also customize the entities and fields that are used for case summary.

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To learn more about summarization, read the documentation: Enable summarization of cases and conversations | Microsoft Learn