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Internet Leads – How to start and grow your business online

Internet Leads are prospective customers interested into your business online. You can use your favorite search engine marketing tools or expertise as a starting point for integration into a solution using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Online Lead Generation is a marketing term that refers to the creation or generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into a business’ products or services online. Let’s take a basic example and see how we can create a landing page and how we can use the page to collect Internet Leads.

Step 1: Navigate to Internet Lead Capture

Internet Lead Capture is present in the Sales and Marketing areas. In this example we will use the Sales area to create a Landing Page and collect Internet Leads.


Step 2: Create a landing page

A landing page it’s a web page that captures information about the potential customer. Using CRM Online you can customize the page layout.


Clicking Create Page button will open the following dialog where you can customize the look and feel (colors and form layout):


Step 4: Form content

Clicking next will open the form customization where fields can be added or subtracted to suit the business need:



Step 5: Confirmation page

Once the form is customized we can get a preview of how it will look like.


Step 6: Lead collection

The screen is giving us some tips of how to make the url that we just created known to potential customers (e.g. by including it in an e-mail campaign or on a marketing webpage):


Step 7: Test the page

Once the page is created we can go ahead and test ourselves the page.


Step 8: Importing Internet Leads in CRM

Internet leads tab contains all the details collected for each individual Internet Lead.


We can select which ones we like to import into CRM (assigning to me or somebody else in the organization) delete them or Export to Excel. If we choose to import into CRM, the Internet Lead will be moved to CRM and the entry will removed from the Internet Leads page.


Here is a screen shot of how our IL looks like in CRM. Notice in the Topic that Internet Marketing is mentioned.


Step 9: Internet Leads statistics

Internet leads capture provides also some insights into how many leads we got per month or what is the performance of our Landing Page.



Doru Rotovei