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Scheduling Time-out parameter setting in AX 2012

As scheduling parameter setting is new parameter functionality in AX
2012 under setup of organization administration.

Here is a brief description of these settings which could be used to get
the optimum results:

Scheduling timeout enabled:

  • If checked, the scheduling engine will
    limit itself to X seconds (X being the “maximum scheduling time per sequence”)
    in order to find a schedule. If one cannot be found in this time, scheduling
  • If unchecked, scheduling can potentially
    run forever if there is some problem with the route that could not be detected
    either during setup time or run time;
  • Recommendation: checked;
  • Time recommendation: the time depends on
    how complex are the routes that the customers want to schedule – here
    it’s true that trial and error is the way to go
    , since it depends
    on your data composition, how powerful is the server where scheduling is
    running, etc.

Schedule optimization timeout enabled:

  • If unchecked, the scheduling engine will
    run potentially forever, in order to try all job-resource assignment
    combinations and find the best possible schedule;
  • If checked, the scheduling engine will
    only try for Y seconds (Y being the “optimization attempts timeout”) to find
    more optimal solutions that the one found initially; if the timeout value is
    zero, it’s effectively the same thing as saying “don’t try to optimize beyond
    the first solution”.
  • Recommendation: checked;
  • Time recommendation: give it a try with
    0 and with at least as much time as it usually takes to find the initial
    solution – if the solutions are not significantly better based on what the
    customer expects, don’t use it / use 0 (the scheduling engine already employs
    many heuristics in the initial solution search that lead to a good quality