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Using Transportation management without the new Warehouse management module

The question of whether I can use Transportation management without the new Warehouse management module in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 has cropped up many times.

And the basic answer is Yes, you can. Here are a few simple steps to help you achieve this scenario. The variations are, of course, many, but this simple procedure will get you going in simulating processes that do not need such strong integration with the new Transportation and Warehousing module.

1. Create a product with Storage dimensions that  don’t have the ‘Use warehouse management processes’ setting enabled. You also should not use any existing product with such a storage dimension group. Go to Product information management > Released products

2.  Enable the product to use the Transportation management processes

3. Add on-hand quantity of the product

4. Create a sales order for the product

5. Go to the Load planning workbench and create a load

6. Execute Rating and routing

7. Select a rate and assign it to the load

8. Confirm the shipment. If the load contains any items that use warehouse management processes, that step will fail because work for warehouse should first be created and completed. This check for completed warehouse work is skipped for items that only use transportation management processes. So for loads with a combination of both types of items, you would need to perform all warehouse processes for the items that require it

9. Print the packing slip, bill of lading, and send the ASN (where applicable)