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AX 2012 RTM, R2, and R3: ‘New Credit Card’ window does not open and generates a stack trace error

Credit to Brian Storie, Brett Christiansen, and Shane Erstad for helping with this blog.


We have seen a few customers have issues opening the ‘New Customer credit card’ window and receiving the below stack trace error
(Accounts receivable > Common> Customers > All Customers, Customer tab > Set up > Credit cards and select New):

Error executing code: 
object not initialized

Stack trace


(S)\Classes\CreditCard\addCreditCard – line 28

(C)\Forms\CreditCardCust\Methods\AddNewCardHolder – line 12


\Clicked – line 3


To resolve the error, first ensure that the Payment Services dll is located in AX client\Bin\Connectors and AX AOS\bin\Connectors folders.  Also ensure that the AX users have sufficient rights to access the Connectors folder.

When the opening the “New customer credit card” window, the Credit card type, Month, Year, and Country/region values are pulled from the database before the window can be opened. If there is an issue with any of these fields, the above error will be generated.

In my case, the customer had issues with ISO codes in the Address setup window that were not valid.

To correct these invalid ISO codes, go to Organization Administration > Setup > Addresses > Address setup and click the Country/region link.

When entering a new record for the country/region, make sure the ISO values are 2 alphabetic characters (ISO should not contain numbers and should not be blank).

See screen shot below for an example: