AX Retail Offline Database: Critical Microsoft Sync Framework hotfix required

When you deploy a new retail store—especially a store that will use offline databases—be sure that you have installed the following Microsoft Sync Framework hotfix on every terminal. This hotfix addresses critical issues in Sync Framework that can prevent Retail offline databases from synchronizing data back to the main channel database for the store. 

Without this hotfix, data damage may occur in the form of the offline sync service being unable to synch data from the offline database to the store database.  The only resolution once this has occurred is manually using SQL scripts to migrate the data.  Having this Sync Framework fix in place ensures transactions created offline can be synced back to the store database.

This hotfix is required for all stores using all versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail POS or MPOS with offline database functionality. 


Install the following hotfix on each computer that is running Retail POS or MPOS with a local offline database:

Knowledge Base article 2703853

FIX: “System.OverflowException:
Value was either too large or too small” error message when you perform
data synchronization by using Sync Framework 2.1