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Dynamics 365

How to Setup Send XML Document for AP Payment Journals

The goal of this post will be to walk through the necessary AIF setup required to utilize the Send button in the Account Payable Journal Voucher form. 

Clicking on the Send button without setup will result in an error message without much description on how to configure the necessary end point. 

Message: “No endPoints are configured for this action

Step 1: Enable and Deploy Endpoint

  1. In the AX client navigate to System Administration > Setup > Services and Application Integration Framework > Outbound Ports
  2. Create a new Outbound Port and provide a Port Name, e.g. APPay
  3. Set the Adapter type to File system adapter
  4. Set the URI to the directory you wish to write the file out to, e.g. C:\APOutbound
  5. Click on the Service Operations button in the Service Contract Customizations fast tab
  6. Search through the Remaining Service Operations and find LegderVendorPaymentService.find
  7. Select this operation and use the arrow buttons to move it to the Selected Service Operations side
  8. Click Close
  9. Click Activate to activate the service


Step 2: Configure End Point in Send Document Form

  1. In the AX client navigate to Accounts Payable > Payments > Payment Journals
  2. Select your Journal and click on Line to open the voucher form
  3. Click the Send… button
  4. In the Port Name drop down select the newly created outbound service, e.g. APPay
  5. Click Ok to output file


Additional configuration: AIF outbound process will need to be configured and running to pick up and process this output.  For documentation on configuring AIF processing in batch see the additional document below.


Configuring batch jobs and tasks for AIF [AX 2012]