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Dynamics 365

Belgian EUSalesList xml file missing the sending company’s contact information

If you are viewing XML file created by AX to report the EU Sales to
Belgian authorities and experience that the XML file doesn’t
include the company’s contact information such as the user’s email and Phone number in
the xml file header. This information is mandatory on the INTERVAT website and without
this information the XML file generated file will be rejected.

We have released KB3003995 “Company electronic address
is not marked as IsPrimary for the location when creating a new company”. But
if the “New” legal entity have been created before the KB or the KB isn’t installed
you may check and update this manually.

This issue happens because while generting EUsalesReporting, system uses the
AXDEUSLReporting query. In query for dirpartylocation datasource and to this
datasource, records are filtered based on condition Isprimary. But for new
created Legal entities and while creating electronic address for these new
legal entity- Isprimary is never marked as true, so because of ElectronicAddress
not being marked as primary in DirpartyLocation, so Dirpartylocation record
related to electronic Address is not being fetched and hence Contact
Information is not reflecting on the EUSalesListreport.

And please remember to re-load the EU Sales list XSLT document after HF update.

If the company is already created and in use you may need to fix this

Please validate the status of the tick box IsPrimary in the DirPartyLocation
table? Which address RECID can be found in LogisticsElectronicAddress.

If you have this issue I would expect that in this case the box in
DirPartyLocation table will be blank so as a work around I suggest you to mark it
and save and rerun the EU Sales list and the info will be there.