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A few performance considerations for Multisite activation in MS Dynamics AX 2009 SP1

If you want to upgrade to any MS Dynamics AX 2012 version (R1, R2, or R3) from MS Dynamics AX 2009 then it is a needed requirement to run the multisite activation on the MS Dynamics AX 2009 side as a prerequisite.

The multisite activation process is known to be a quite performance intensive task!
Therefore I just like to recommend the following tips for the environment where you run the multi site activation:


* Make sure that you run a distributed installation where the AOS server and SQL servers run on different computers

* Make sure that the AOS server and SQL server run 64 Bit Windows operating systems instead of 32 Bit Windows operating system due to enhanced main memory handling

* If possible prefer physical hardware for the AOS and SQL server instead of virtual machines if possible

* Check that “High Performance” under Control Panel, Power options is set for the AOS server, SQL server machine and AX client computer. You may find more information about the setup / background of the “High Performance” setting  here: 

* Make sure that the CPU clock speed of AOS and SQL server computer is >= 3 GHz

Addtional information:

You can find more application related  background information in the  MS Dynamics AX 2009 multisite activation white paper here:

Some upgrade related information about MS Dynamics AX 2009 multisite activation can listed here: