Exciting new features in Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.2

We’re excited to share the news for the features included in the latest release. Microsoft Social Engagement now lets you add pictures to a post when you reply from within the application. For mobile devices, we enabled Search Setup, so you can now create or edit your searches on the go. Additionally, we refined the user experience in several areas, fixed multiple issues and launched two new videos.

To get an overview of what’s underway for the upcoming releases, have a look at YouTube: New features in Microsoft Social Engagement 2016.

To learn more about the existing and upcoming intelligent features that take the work out of your work, check out YouTube: 3 intelligent ways to engage your customers in Microsoft Social Engagement 2016.

Enjoy the read and stay tuned for more news!

Include pictures when replying to posts

When you reply to a post from within Social Engagement, you can now add pictures to your replies on Facebook and Twitter. Try it out today and share media with your audience. Quick and easy accessibility to your social profiles is very important in Social Engagement, as a result we’ve made the social profile page more prominent in the Settings area. Go to Settings > Social Profiles to add, share or remove social profiles you work with.

Search Setup now available on all devices

Did you ever wanted to review or tweak your search topics while you’re on the go? For example, update your search terms to include the latest hashtag of the conference you’re attending. If you have a Power Analyst or Administrator user role you can now create and edit search topics and search rules on your mobile device.

Improvements to user experience

When you review the organization of you search topics in the category list, the search rules in a search topic are now represented with the icons of the corresponding rules. Additionally, we refined the post list layout. The post list in Analytics and the wide view of streams now separate information about the author from the post’s content for improved readability.

Improvements to Analytics widgets

We’re committed to deliver great user experience for Social Engagement. Following our mission, the Sources widget now comes with a full-screen view to show the entire list of sources and their number of posts. Authors by Source not only shows the five most active sources, but also summarizes how many authors posted in the other sources. Last but not least, we introduced an improved highlighting on the Sources History widget. It’s now much easier to read the data points in the chart.

We’re convinced you’re going to love the new features.


Microsoft Social Engagement Team