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Bing puts the web to work for you

Search with Bing for answers, information, or images, get more control over your privacy, and get Rewards.

Windows 10 taskbar featuring Bing search

Search, powered by Bing, at your fingertips

Quickly find a file, photo, or answer simply by searching with Bing in the Windows 10 taskbar.

Bing InPrivate Browsing

Privacy without compromise

Microsoft Edge and Bing offer more privacy online without compromising on search results and relevancy. With the new InPrivate mode for browse and search, your browsing history and searches are not attributed to you, giving you greater control over your data.

Microsoft Edge browser premium news

Get the best of the web

Every new tab page lets you search with Bing, navigate to top sites, and access free, high-quality news from over 4,500 media brands with Microsoft News.

Earn while you search

When you search with Bing in Microsoft Edge, you can earn points for gift cards or donations to charities with Microsoft Rewards.