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Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework

A holistic and effective guide for education leaders to navigate the complexity of transformation, envision what’s possible and develop a strategy to achieve it.

Leadership & policy

Collaboratively envisioning and creating an intentional culture of innovation and learning, with shared goals that engage the community and motivate leaders, educators, and all stakeholders to plan and lead change.

Leadership & policy resources

Quick start guide

A simple introduction to leadership & policy and how it can impact technology in the classroom.

Staff of 2030

A study by the Economist of pre-service and early-career teachers to gauge their views, opinions, and predictions on the future of teaching.

Customer success stories

Browse through Microsoft K-12 ETF customer stories to read the most successful Leadership & Policy case studies.

Leadership and policy assessment

This course focuses on leadership and policy design for school leaders is aimed at building system-wide leadership to drive change.

What's transformative leadership & policy all about?

Vision for change

Build a shared, inclusive vision representing the aspirations of students, teachers, leaders, and the community with the flexibility for ongoing revisions to address continual change.

Strategic planning & change management

Develop strategic implementation plans and identify strategies and processes to support stakeholder groups through the transition.

Continuous improvement & culture

Continuously monitor progress and measure results while fostering a culture of organic growth, improvement, collaboration, and innovation.

Community engagement & partnerships

Enable effective transformation through community engagement and a coalition of partners with complementary competencies and knowledge.

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