Charts 3D leverages the power of 3D to help Information Workers (IWs) create engaging and insightful visualizations which can be shared and presented to people on Windows 10 PCs and Surface Hub.

Using this app, IWs can effortlessly create immersive visualization at scale to interact with data.

Some features available in Charts 3D:

1. Data Import – Import spreadsheets (CSV or XLSX files) using Windows File Explorer or Copy-Paste content of your data files directly onto the application

2. Create Visualization – Select the chart type to be used for visualizing data among Bar, Scatter, Line and Geospatial plot

3. Chart Interaction – Zoom, Rotate and Pan the graph to view from different perspectives using the mouse or touch

4. Analytical Tools – Consume and comprehend insights using built-in analytical tools like Filtering, Connected lines and 2D Plane

5. 2D View – Switch between 2D and 3D view of the graph when presenting insights

6. Export – Easily export and share visualizations with your collaborators seamlessly

7. Save Visualization – Add the created visualization into library and save project for later reference

8. Voice Commands – Manipulate and interact with the visualization using simple voice commands


To get started with the Charts 3D application visit –

Known Issues

1. Our application currently does not support older file formats of spreadsheets for data import i.e. Excel 97 – 2003 workbook. Please use .xlsx or .csv file for importing data into the application

2. Sometimes charts become unresponsive to mouse/touch interactions – to work around the issue, click on the right panel or navigation bar and then try rotating the graph again

3. The data visualization component does not expose its content to assistive technologies including Narrator

4. The data visualization component cannot be navigated using standard keyboard shortcuts

Meet the team

Team Charts 3D
"We believe there is a great deal of value in visualizing and presenting insights about your data using 3D."
Alok Agrawal

Garage Team

Alok Agrawal, Bibhu Choudhary, Bikash Ranjan Swain, Hindol Adhya, Lijins Joseph, Nikita Sinha, Nithin Ismail, Poonam Agrawal, Prashant Priyadarshi, Prateek Agrawal, Priyanka Borar, Rahul Roy, Saurabh Shrivastava, Shalu Gupta, and Surabhi Bhatnagar.

Team Charts 3D

Hyderabad, India


A small team at the Microsoft India Development Center started brainstorming on the idea of what data visualization would mean in the world of 3D. The team looked at the limitations of existing 2D charting tools used for visualizing data to see how 3D can help in overcoming the problems that Information Workers face when dealing with structured data in their workplace. Charts 3D is the result of that effort. The team hope to learn more about what works for people in this new space.