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Mobile Only Team
"This is the start of our journey to unlock more smartphone potential for everyday interactions."
Swadheen Shukla

Garage Team

Anubhav Mehendru, Anurag Rao, Arun Rajappa, Bhavik Kaul, Bijoy Raveendran, Jagdish Singh, Netal Gupta, Paramveer Singh Sisodia, Swadheen Shukla, Vishal Gupta

Mobile Only Team

Hyderabad, India


 A few months back, we started pooling ideas on how we can help new smartphone users, primarily small business owners to be more productive on the go. One of the primary needs we identified was capturing information they wanted on specific contacts – be it friends, family, customers, vendors or suppliers. They still did not fully transition from physical diaries or notebooks to smartphones for the lack of a right solution.

Connections is our attempt at solving this core need and we intend to hear from real users on what more we can do to help them save time. That is where Garage comes in. Garage showed us the way that our idea could be a real project and we could take an initial shot at the problem with real customers.

It was tricky to develop the app so that it caters to new smartphone users, so it had to be simple and available in-context rather than having to open the app when the users needed the information. There are a lot of small things – like the need for categorization of contacts, sharing notes and reminders – that we learnt from some of our early users.

We aim to listen to user feedback intently and keep evolving the product so that it helps people save time every day. We want to make it super easy to leverage the benefits a connected smartphone in helping them be more organized and build great connections!

The Connections team is extremely excited to partner with Microsoft Garage to share this app with you. We can’t wait to hear back from you and find out if this has made your daily tasks easier.