Meet the team

Audio Augmented Reality Gaming
“A fast-paced arcade-style experience with audio so immersive, you don’t need the screen!”
Patrick Farley

Garage Team

Brandon Arteaga, Brannon Zahand, Boris Baracaldo, Don Diekneite, Namita Balachander, Patrick Farley, Wilson Dreewes & Sia Arrabolu

Audio Augmented Reality Gaming

Redmond, WA


With the rise of virtual reality software in recent years, 3D spatial audio technology has made great strides in development and availability. The Audio Augmented Reality Gaming team recognized this as an opportunity to create games that have audio so immersive and accurate, visuals are not required. This makes the games accessible to more people, namely those in the blind and low-vision community, while retaining their appeal to mainstream gamers. Because this is new ground—spatial audio is not yet in widespread use—the team went back to one of the earliest computer games, Atari’s Pong, and built an audio-based experience out of similar elements. The end result is a fun, stylish, and highly unique gaming experience that anyone can enjoy.