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Inlook Team, MSR India
"Could we create a lightweight email experience to get tasks done faster?"
Suresh Parthasarathy

Garage Team

Raghavendra Udupa, Priyan Vaithilingam, B. Ashok (Bash), Suresh Parthasarathy

Inlook Team, MSR India

Bangalore, India


Email Insights started out as a hackathon project couple of years back. We’d observed that completing small email related tasks and searching for a particular email quickly was something all email users wanted. We built Email Insights to provide this ability to quickly and effectively search emails. At the same time, we also wanted to understand user behavior with modern email features.

One of the motivations for building Email Insights was the fact that the email search experience today lags far behind the web search experience. A user might search for an email with some keywords and keep scrolling down the search results to find that elusive email. A user has to remember the keywords from an email or the spelling of peoples’ names to get to the required email. Moreover, having a complex application with hundreds of features is an overkill for doing some quick tasks like send one liner emails.

Email Insights aims to alleviate these problems by providing relevance-based results in addition to time ordered results. The goal is to find the emails you are searching for in the top few positions. In addition, Email Insights provides contextual autocomplete, spell correct and fuzzy name search so that a user need not remember all the exact keywords for their queries. Users can perform multiple searches at the same time by opening multiple tabs; this helps in maintaining context. Users can also use the search box to perform quick tasks like composing one liner emails or scheduling a quick sync-up.

We are thrilled to partner with Garage to bring Email Insights to you. Visit to get an early access to Email Insights.

We are super excited to learn from your experiences. Keep the feedback coming. Please note that we do not collect any personally identifiable data.