Search and transport yourself into fun, inspirational scenes. Just take a selfie, choose a scene from your camera roll or the web, and swipe through your results. It’s easy with the power of search and the intelligent face tech.

  • See yourself with a new hairstyle
  • Try on different fashions
  • Pop yourself into trending scenes
  • Swap multiple faces on a group photo
  • Put your friend’s face onto some funny pictures
  • You can swap any face into any picture.

Choose a picture:

  • Pick an image with faces from your camera roll
  • Search for an image from internet right inside the app
  • Choose a scene from one of our fun categories

Choose a face to swap:

  • Take a great selfie with our special face swap camera with real time hints and instructions
  • Pick an image from your camera roll
  • Search for a face on the web

Using a sophisticated face swap engine:

  • Match skin tone (or any tone — try a stone statue!)
  • Automatically find faces in images and place your swap
  • Match lighting conditions
  • Match head turns and tilts
  • Process and place multiple faces in a single scene

Meet the team

"The power of Bing search and our intelligent face swapping tech makes every swipe a delight."
Phil Rogan

Garage Team

Front-row, left-right: Vishwajit Kolathur, Reynard Le, Saad Khan; Middle-row: Shailendra Gupta, Phil Rogan, Chris Zorn, Danny Farmer, Jeff Yin, Vishnu Navda; Back–row: Vageesh Chandramouli, Darshan M; Not Pictured: Katie Elfering


Bellevue, WA