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Team Functions Translator
"Who would have thought that Excel had over 800 functions? Finding the right one in localized Excel is frustrating!"
Martin Ørsted

Garage Team

Martin Ørsted, Vadym Khondar

Team Functions Translator

Dublin, Ireland


Have you ever struggled with finding a function in a localized version of Excel? Maybe you have been searching the web to find the function you need, and you found excellent documentation, but in English! Or maybe your computer at work runs English Excel, while the one at home runs a localized version of Excel? If you can relate to any of the above, the Functions Translator, a Microsoft Garage project may be interesting for you.

This project came to be in the July 2016 Hackathon at Microsoft. Martin had for a long time been annoyed with the difficulty involved in using localized Excel Functions, and decided to see if this could be solved with a Hackathon. Vadym was a new employee in Microsoft and liked the challenge. Together we have worked on this in our spare time.

Read Martin’s blog for a view into his journey.