Hearing AI aims to connect people to the world of sound. The interface allows people to visualize the intensity of environmental sounds in order to gauge the ambience of a physical space. Hearing AI distinguishes between four different types of sound environments and notifies people if there are sudden changes or if sounds are damaging to their ears. In addition, Hearing AI uses real-time speech-to-text technology to transcribe verbal conversations with an emphasis on visualizing the loudness of speech through typography. Key Features:

  • Visualizations: See the activity, volume, and ambience of the sounds around you. What’s the sound level in the environment? Is it loud enough to damage your ears? Hearing AI will let you know.
  • Notifications: Get customizable notifications whenever Hearing AI detects sudden changes and important sounds.
  • Speech-To-Text: Be able to not only read spoken conversation, but see the volume of speech excerpts in real-time.

Meet the team

Garage Internship Vancouver, Team Hearing AI

Anass Al-Wohoush, David Zhang, Jan Clarin, Santina Lin, Shery Sumal, Simon Jinaphant, COACHES: Barry Steyn, Megha Tiwari, Mina Sabbaghian, MANAGER: Stephane Morichere-Matte, SPONSORS: Swetha Machanavajhala, Ivan Tashev, Anirudh Koul, Sarah Morris, Mathew Bennett, Meher Anand Kasam

Garage Internship Vancouver, Team Hearing AI

Vancouver, BC, Canada