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Team Holographic Photo Project
"What if we could use HoloLens to relive memories?"
Team Holographic Photo Project

Garage Team

Garage Intern Team: Antoine Boisier-Michaud, Gurinder Hans, Kateryna Jones, Niloofar Khoshsiyar, Remi Pelletier, Sarah Hoven; (Not Pictured) Garage Support Team: Faisal Rahman, Timothee Guerin, Mark Schramm, Stephane Morichere-Matte; Garage Sponsor Team: Amy Scarfone, Neeraj Wadhwa, Graham Bury

Team Holographic Photo Project

The Garage Internship, Vancouver, BC, Canada


We built this application because we wanted to experience photos and memories in mixed reality. We discovered that there is something magical about watching your memories intermingle with a physical space. Holographic Photo Project keeps tiny, but beautiful moments from your past, in your present. We explored and experimented with using HoloLens to generate interactive souvenirs, and shared our tools with the developer community to take the experience further.