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Garage Interns + Windows Ink Platform + Xamarin
We believe AI can make jumpstarting your next app WAY faster.
George Matthews

Garage Team

Alex Corrado, Avery Lamp, Brendan Walsh, Edward Aryee, Erica Yuen, George Matthews, Jen Madiedo, Jérémie Laval, Luis Torres, Maddy Leger, Paris Hsu, Patrick Chen, Seth Rait, Tim Chong, Wjdan Alharthi, Xiao Tu

Garage Interns + Windows Ink Platform + Xamarin

Cambridge, MA


The Xamarin Designer team develops native iOS and Android GUI designers for Visual Studio. Looking to leverage new and unique Windows technologies, they challenged a team of Garage interns to explore how Windows Ink and AI could facilitate and improve the app design process.