Meet the team

"...for the spaces between an origin and a destination."
Andrés Monroy-Hernández

Garage Team

Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Sarah Needham, Andrea Orimoto, Justin Cranshaw


Redmond, WA


(From Andrés) The project took all summer and involved the creative efforts of four people. Justin, our intern from CMU, brought a lot of experience to the table on computational urbanism. Sarah, our designer, joined the team early on and contributed to the core ideas behind the app as well as the user experience, and aesthetics. Andrea, our project PM, joined toward the release time and helped get the app out the door and resolve any issues we saw early on. And then there is me, I guided, coded, and researched along with the team as we drove to a focused point of view for our app. Awesome multidisciplinary team.

Focusing our app to have a singular point of view posed the greatest obstacle. We were inspired by the “quantified self” movement, but wanted it to be more. We were also inspired by other location-based apps like Foursquare, which focuses on venues, but wanted to focus on the journeys not the destinations. Then we were inspired by Waze, a great app for commuters that drive, but many people don’t commute by car, including us. So we merged all these inspirations into something that made sense for young urbanites like us, who spend countless hours in public transit.

Another obstacle with the social aspect of the app is the chicken-and-egg problem with social sites, e.g., if there are no users, there’s no reason to use it. So we seeded the app with content before releasing it and focused on the initial idea of “leaving a note behind” for those who journey after you. We see the app not only as a piece of software but also as a package for content, a magazine of sorts.