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Bing Maps
It's a fun way to discover places to visit and things to do based on your interests.
Jyotkumar Patel

Garage Team

Benny Hartono, Cordell Jones, Dvir Horovitz, Dyan Padagas, Heidi Gottschall, Hemant Goyal, Jessica May, Jimmy Choi, Jyotkumar Patel, Peter Jensen, Rijuta Trivedi, Vimal Kocherla, Wensi Li

Bing Maps

Bellevue, WA


Most of us have wondered about which places to visit as part of an upcoming trip or as a quick fix across town. The Outings team set out to make exploring fun and easy – to help people find inspiration for places to visit based on their interests. “We wanted to accomplish this goal through a beautiful user experience,” said Program Manager Vimal Kocherla. “Delivering the app on two platforms with high quality content is a challenge we relished,” adds Vimal. “We look forward to users’ feedback from our launch and we plan to actively respond to them and add several new features in the coming months.” The app was built and implemented by an agile team within the Bing Maps organization.