Parchi is a quick note taking app – think paper-pencil, sticky notes, edge of a paper, the last page of every notebook, you get the idea 🙂 Parchi (pur-chih) is a Hindi word that refers to small pieces of paper for taking quick/short notes. Use Parchi the same way you would use paper-pencil to capture notes

  • Capture small bites of information
  • No need to define a structure at the time of taking the note
  • Just jot it down

Key features:

  • #tag based – Add inline or use the #tag UI
  • Quick notes — Take notes from the lock-screen, remove it or add it back
  • Text, list and pictures
  • Reminders, Colored notes, Mark as favorite or Pin to lock-screen
  • Quick search through the hamburger, #tags, text and various filters
  • Share notes — Share a single or multiple notes over WhatsApp, Email, SMS, or any other app of your choice
  • Group operations — color, delete, complete and favorite multiple notes in one go
  • Smart Content — Take quick actions on Phone Numbers (Call | Add to Contact), URLs (Open | Copy URL) and Emails (Email | Copy)
  • Backup your notes so that you never lose them even if you uninstall the app or change phones
  • Send Feedback — Send your feedback from within the app — swipe RIGHT to open hamburger and send feedback
  • Small APK size

Meet the team

IDC Developer, OneNote

Salil Das, Khushboo Taneja, Amit Dhodapkar, Amit Dangwal, Manoj Gupta, K. Durga Prasad, Faisal Mev, Kavita Garg, Steve Menezes, Neha Singh, Anish Chandran

IDC Developer, OneNote

Hyderabad, India