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The Sketch 360 team
"Its usefulness is not only for drawing the real world, but visualizing the virtual and creating immersive sketches to prototype virtual reality and mixed reality"
Michael Scherotter

Garage Team

Michael Scherotter

San Francisco, CA


Michael Scherotter is a California native, who has spent the past 30 years keeping rich journals with drawing and water-coloring since studying Architecture at University of Arizona. In the early 90’s Michael realized that computers with pens would be the perfect creative tool for architects, setting him on a path to craft tools for creators. Now a creative experience engineer at Microsoft, Michael injects his passion for creative design tools and drawing into all of the products he touches and partners he works with. With the advent of 360 cameras and video, he saw an opportunity to hack the workflow and create 360 drawings. The Surface Pro combined with Windows Ink became the perfect canvas to build a brand new experience for designers and artists alike to sketch both the real and virtual worlds. Sketch 360 is the final result, an app that allows artists or VR designers to sketch out a world on a flat plane while simultaneously previewing what it would look like as a 360 image.