Meet the team

Microsoft Research Asia
"We want to help people read what they didn't have time for, wherever and whenever."
Chongdi Huang

Garage Team

Chongdi Huang, Xin Liu, Ruihua Song, Ziwei Mao,Junjie Li

Microsoft Research Asia



We are a team that combines Developers and Researchers, who together have a deep understanding of algorithms used in cloud computing. So, we decided to do something interesting for us and might also help people with their daily lives.

We know people are reading news articles on their phone these days, and might want to save an article to read later. Or you can imagine certain people wanting to save a bunch of articles to read on the way to somewhere. Both of these situations need a quick and unique way to save article to one place from all the other apps. So our researcher Ruihua come up with an idea: whenever people take a screenshot of what they are reading, our app and service will take care of all the other stuff to store a distilled article on our app. The person can then read the articles wherever and whenever they want.