Meet the team

Mobile Data Labs
"We took the best parts of MileIQ: swipe to classify and reporting, and brought them to the world of expenses."

Garage Team

Pictured: Amrita Chowdhury, Chad Newbry, Elmar Langholz, Seth Guan, Heman Chawda, and Nick Romano.


Not Pictured: Deepak Sharma, James Wang, Katie Manzani, Lianne Amanna, Puneeth Shetty, Sean Smith, and Veena Shanmugam.

Mobile Data Labs

San Francisco, CA


We are the team that built MileIQ, the mileage-tracking app that caused Microsoft to acquire us late in 2015. Spend is our next product. It’s an expense-management app that provides an automatic feed of their transactions so they’re ready for expense reimbursements or tax deductions.