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The Outlook Team
"We love the challenge of having to earn every user, and you have to do that by making experiences they love to use."
Ashok Kuppusamy

Garage Team

Ashok Kuppusamy, Brian Stucker, Jennifer Shen

The Outlook Team

Redmond, WA


A group within the Outlook team is building lightweight mobile apps that aim to advance Microsoft’s mission of helping people achieve more in life and work. Tossup is one of these apps.

Tossup solves a real-world problem: It’s hard to get people to make a decision for common things like where to go for lunch, or when to get together, or even what to do. Through our observations, we even found people who interacted less with their friends and coworkers because of the hassle of trying to coordinate with them! Tossup makes it easier, faster, and more fun to make decisions together. Our aim is for you to spend more time hanging out with friends rather than coordinating with them. We designed it from the beginning to be a social experience and we’ve included some delightful little details you might not expect for an initial release.

That’s the philosophy behind all the new experimental apps we are working on. The Outlook team is more than just email and calendaring. It’s about fun and useful tools that bring us closer together. Tossup is just the first app we’re announcing. Try it out and let us know if it’s helping you make plans with your friends and colleagues.