Meet the team

ILDC Incubations group
"Can we change the way videos are searched, edited, played and shared - by understanding what’s inside them?"
Ohad Jassin

Garage Team

Ohad Jassin, Avner Levi, Oron Nir, Ori Ziv, Eran Gat

ILDC Incubations group

Herzliya, Israel


Video streaming hasn’t changed much for a while, but cognitive abilities have evolved dramatically – so we now have the power to start understanding what’s inside a video. Our goal is to build a powerful index for video content and design new experiences that leverage this index

Video Breakdown is a cognitive video indexing platform that processes the videos that users upload and creates an index of the content within the video. Video Breakdown extracts to the linguistic transcript and OCR, detects tracks and identifies faces and speakers, extracts keywords and topics, analyzes sentiment, classifies voice activity and more. Based on this index, Video Breakdown users can search, explore, understand, edit and play videos and playlists in a powerful, simple, intelligent manner.

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