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Team Write Ideas
"Can we help students avoid the scary blank page when starting writing assignments?"
Team Write Ideas

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Kun Ji, Lifu Huang, Ram Agrawal, Shefali Garg, Adam Kelly; Not Pictured: Lene Rydningen, Mike Tholfsen, Ailsa Leen, Amir Abdou, Anastasiya Tarnouskaya, Andrew Clements, Claudia Vormbaum, Eva Terriault, Grace Liang, Hailey Musselman, Owen Huyn, Reza Jooyandeh, Stephane Morichere-Matte

Team Write Ideas

Vancouver, BC Canada


If you’ve ever had extended conversations with a grade school student, you probably realized that they have incredibly deep, creative, and insightful thoughts. There is, however, a large discrepancy between what they can express verbally and what they can write. This familiar challenge of putting thoughts to paper can be even more frustrating – embarrassing even – for the millions of students around the world with learning differences.

We believe that all writers can use some assistance expressing and organizing their ideas. We set out to create a mobile app that would help all students express and structure their ideas prior to writing, so we created Write Ideas. It helps students express themselves by capturing their ideas through voice dictation, text entry, and doodling. It also helps with organization by giving students a step-by-step questionnaire tailored to their specific need, be it a book report, a persuasive essay, a lab report, or any other writing assignment.

Write Ideas was first launched by Garage Interns in summer 2016 as an invitation-only program. Since then we have learned a lot about how to make the application more encouraging, more engaging, and perform better for all students.

Write Ideas uses an Office 365 email address, which enables you to connect to the Office 365 service used by your school.